Loft Conversions x 5 (back-to-back) – Putney

Loft Conversions x 5 (back-to-back)

  • x 5 (back-to-back)
  • Putney
complete rip out of old truss roofs replaced with a mansard to steel work fitted and assembled on site. All floor joists with flooring fitted, glued and screwed. 6×2 rafters, 35 degrees on the back with a 70-degree mansard also a flat warm deck roof finished with grp fibre glass system applied to box gutters. Prefabricated grp dormers finished with an aluminium window and eternit slates to finish. Double kite winder staircase and veneered fire doors to suit regulations. Finished with Celotex in rafters with insulated plasterboard finish with a smooth plaster finish.